The Goal of This Site

This site is the home for collecting and showcasing Destiny 2 in depth content and info.

This content will include (but is not limited to): guides and reviews for Perks, Weapons, Weapon Archetypes, Game Mechanics, and Stats, which include or utilize informative stats, info, and have evidence to back up their claims. All info on this site will be backed by in-game tests (preferably), quotes directly from Bungie Developers, or info given by the Destiny 2 API (API info is not preferable and will not be considered absolute evidence, altho it can be used as supporting evidence)

This content will be primarily focused on PvP, altho there may be some PvE content added at times as well – this may include guides on perks and weapons, but will not include DPS optimization due to how often things can change for that topic.

Collecting Guides and Info

Hi I’m Mmonx “The range mad scientist” – FalloutPlays, I post in depth content to my YouTube channel and on Reddit, I will be

collecting guides and reviews from across the Destiny community to add here, as well I’ll post my guides here. I absolutely welcome you to contact me with guides you’ve made or found that do not appear here yet.