This Is a Calculator For Determining The Range of Your Weapon [In Meters]

Last Updated: December 23, 2020


Minimum Range (Min Range) – “Optimal Range” “Drop-off Start” – Minimum Range is the distance that the damage fall-off starts, before this point you will be dealing max damage but after you feel increasing levels of damage loss

Maximum Range (Max Range) – “Damage Floor” “Min Damage” – Maximum Range is the distance that the damage fall-off ends, the weapon will deal its lowest possible damage at this distance and will continue doing that amount of damage outside of this distance

Value per Point (VPP) – The measurement of how much damage drop-off improvement “range” a weapon gets from each point of Range Stat.  Zoom will increase the benefit of each range point.

Zoom Tier:

You can add zoom to your weapon in two ways: using Scopes that offer Zoom Tiers and Perks that offer Zoom Multipliers

Zoom Tiers will add additional Zoom to your weapon’s Base Zoom, this is visible in apps like Destiny Item Manager 

When using this calculator the section “Overall Zoom Tier” must match the “Zoom” value shown in DIM

Zoom Multipliers include perks like Rangefinder, these will have a multiplicative effect on your practical Zoom and Range, this effect will be felt in game but is not shown in the API.


Formulas that have made the “Damage” section possible are thanks to Escape u/ThatOneGuyWhoDo

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