With the introduction to Season of The Worthy one of the big questions was what exactly was happening to shotguns? Castle looks closer into this than any creator I’ve seen.        

So what did he find?

“Aiming down sights no longer adjusts effective range for this weapon archetype”

First let’s look at the above statement. Many likely assume that is a “nerf” or reduction to ADS range effectiveness.

This in fact turns out to be a “buff” or improvement to Hip-Fire effectiveness. ADS damage drop-off is unchanged by the update and Hip-fire drop-off has been brought up to match it.

“Cone angle is now adjusted on a per sub-archetype basis and is no longer adjusted by the Range stat.”

The above change means two things for your Shotgun now: the Range stat will not tighten shotgun spread and overall all shotguns now have wider pellet spread (based on the video it looks like at least 10% wider). Aiming down sights (ADS) will still tighten your spread as much as it used to (about 10-15% meaning shotguns still maintain a zoom factor).

Which Shotguns are best?

At 5m all Shotguns kill reliably with a single shot. Moving to 6m ADS becomes important, only Aggressive Shotguns will be able kill with a single shot with Hip-Fire at that distance somewhat reliably. At 7m ADS is very important if you wish to deal significant damage and only Aggressive shotguns will one shot kill anywhere close to reliably. Finally at 8m all shotguns will struggle; Precision will kill about 10% of the time and Aggressive will do a little better at about 30% of the time, at this distance you will want a perk like Opening Shot to improve your shotguns performance. 

Lightweight Shotguns are also interesting, they have a tight spread similar to Precision (maybe tighter) and I personally think they have quite a bit of potential. They will reliably down opponents at 6m when ADS, have exceptional Handling speeds at base,  improved movement speed thanks to their Lightweight Frame, and have a higher fire rate that will make follow up shots much quicker. They make a great package, altho if you are just looking for the most constant OHK then look elsewhere.


“#1 Bungie completely f***ed all pellet spreads across the board.

#2 they did slip in a little non-ADS damage fall-off buff.

#3 The Range stat definitely no longer tightens the cone, but ADS is still very necessary.”


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